The world’s largest mobile company Samsung from South Korea recently released its smartphone’s new series, and now it will set up to launch a 90Hz OLED display for laptops in the market.

This latest type of display is planned to launch in Quarter 1 in 2021. Samsung Display’s CEO said that Samsung’s intention is to start a new design with the development of a very large 14-inch 90Hz OLED screen, in March, for notebooks and laptops.

Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung for display technologies, believes that consumers are rapidly adopting the idea to provide a 90Hz refresh rate on OLED displays, although high-speed OLED displays are also required graphics cards.

At a 90Hz refresh rate,  the image is rendered 90 times per second, however, a smoother look is possible with this rapid update of the refresh rate in motion. OLED displays can also transition much faster with the same rate of refresh from one screen to the next to LCD screens.

The reason is that OLED screens can create a more vivid, fun experience for games and movies without impacting, the company claims. Samsung also adds that the company’s OLED 90 Hz display provides high-speed driving at 120 Hz LCD screens. Once Samsung launches this laptop, more companies are expected to follow suit, like the smartphone space.