A new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) will soon be added to the growing list of manufacturers of smartphones with a foldable or rollable display. Chinese manufacturer OPPO is rumored to be in the final stages of releasing its first smartphone with a foldable display by the end of June or possibly July 2021. This was disclosed by the noted tipster, Digital Chat Station who has got a high degree of accuracy with his leaks.

The race for the delivery of a foldable display seems to be very keen among Chinese brands like Xiaomi and Vivo, together with OPPO and a few others, as well as Google, all pursuing the release of the models within 2021. However, it should be stated that the information is speculative and none of the companies mentioned have put out any definitive statement on their rumored rollout of foldable displays this year.

And, Chinese giant, Huawei has announced its foldable device for 2021, and Samsung is also projected to release the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 as well in 2021. Huawei and Samsung could we’ll be the frontrunners in the race, having put out some form of confirmation of their plans.

There are speculations that most of the upcoming smartphones with foldable displays are the versions with in-folding capacity, as compared with the initial out-folding models that have been previously produced by some manufacturers. Huawei had come up previously with an out-folding display model, the Huawei MateX, whose initial hype has died off and may have been plagued by many technical issues due to the out-folding nature of its display. It is believed that Huawei’s new offering will be an in-folding model.

It is a mixed bag of opinion among smartphone customers on the utility and durability of foldable displays over conventional flat displays. While some consumers believe that foldable displays are quite compact and could be as efficient and durable as other displays, many consumers are of the view that foldable display models are less efficient and very fragile.