Apple is working on a Magnetic Battery Pack for the next iPhones, which will charge the device wirelessly. Users are waiting for the launch of this new product, months after the release of the iPhone 12.

Using the MagSafe system, which is used to charge all new phones and to pair other accessories such as cases and wallets, The Magnetic Battery Pack will be attached to the back of an iPhone. It will have an exterior of white rubber. The new accessory will differ from the Apple battery add-ons previously introduced with iPhones that only gives extra life and is not a fully protective case and charger.

The hardware engineering department of Apple is dedicated to introducing charging accessories. In 2017, AirPower mat announced that it would simultaneously charge an Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods. However,  due to errors relating to overheating, it was never launched and canceled its development in 2019.

The wireless charger could be a famous accessory for the new MagSafe ecosystem from Apple. Last year, MagSafe Compatibility cases, leather wallets, and a pair of chargers were released.

In the coming year, Apple’s MagSafe technology is expected to become a range of additional products. According to Bloomberg News, the company will redesign MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs.